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8-9-13 Program

The nights are cooler and autumn seems to have arrived early. Leon taught two new dances and reviewed Jeitili. We tried to activate the hive mind to remember the sequence: 17, 20, 11, 8, and scissors until the end. It’s a great dance, but it takes some attention to get it right. Mary kept the dances flowing and made sure we all would remember Ivanica.

8-9-13 program

7-19-13 Program

list of dances for July 19
Mary Beth started us off the Chilili. We were all a bit weary from the heat wave and this cheerful dance made us all happy we had gathered for a night of dancing. Solange taught Strumicka Petorka, Mary Beth taught Kjustendilska Ruchenitsa. We were sorry to hear that for Ibi and Karen the summer in Maine was drawing to a close. We look forward to their return next year. We ended with Adjon az Isten. This simple dance includes a song based on the poem by Lazlo Nagy

Let God give luck, love, hot ovens, wheat into my empty barns,
a handshake into my orphaned hand,
flames into my lantern so that I don’t go to bed early.
He should send an answer to my question
so that I don’t lose my faith.
Let God give light, life instead of cemeteries.
I’m ashamed to ask, so give without asking.