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A fabulous night of music: Bulgarika joins us on September 20

Folk Dance Brunswick will present “Balkan Bash III,” a dance night open to the public, with live music by the celebrated Balkan band Bulgarika, on Friday, September 20, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the People Plus community center, 35 Union Street, one block west of Maine Street, in downtown Brunswick, Maine.
All are welcome. Donation $10.
Bulgarika is a group of five master musicians with decades of performing experience, steeped in Bulgarian music and rhythms from a young age, who have delighted audiences and dancers throughout North America.
The band features Donka Koleva on vocals, Nikolay Kolev on gadulka (a string
instrument played with a bow), Temelko Ivanov on kaval (a chromatic end-blown flute),
Nikolay Kodzhabashev on tambura (a string instrument played with a plectrum), and
Marin Shalamov on tapan (a double-headed drum).
The music of Bulgaria is known for its hauntingly expressive melodies,
fascinating irregular rhythms, and fiery dance tempos.