7-19-13 Program

list of dances for July 19
Mary Beth started us off the Chilili. We were all a bit weary from the heat wave and this cheerful dance made us all happy we had gathered for a night of dancing. Solange taught Strumicka Petorka, Mary Beth taught Kjustendilska Ruchenitsa. We were sorry to hear that for Ibi and Karen the summer in Maine was drawing to a close. We look forward to their return next year. We ended with Adjon az Isten. This simple dance includes a song based on the poem by Lazlo Nagy

Let God give luck, love, hot ovens, wheat into my empty barns,
a handshake into my orphaned hand,
flames into my lantern so that I don’t go to bed early.
He should send an answer to my question
so that I don’t lose my faith.
Let God give light, life instead of cemeteries.
I’m ashamed to ask, so give without asking.

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