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June 7 Program

  • Zemer Atik (taught by Ed)
  • Biserka
  • Alunelu
  • Prekid Kolo
  • Shar Planina
  • Mayim (taught by Ed)
  • Bafra
  • Horehronsky Csardas
  • Yambolska Pajdushko
  • Eleno Mome
  • An Dro Retournee
  • Karagouna
  • Laz Bar
  • Pata Pata
  • Le Jeu a Trois
  • Rumelaj
  • Vrapceto
  • Tsamiko
  • Guzelleme
  • Salty Dog Rag
  • Tino Mori
  • Adjon Az Isten
  • Bavno Oro
  • Bucimis
  • Oh How Lovely!
  • Bat Harim (reviewed by Natasha)
  • Sweet Girl
  • Dospatsko
  • Doudlebska Polka
  • Arap
  • Karamfil
  • Trgnal Rumjana

Ed kept the music flowing and the spirits high.

May 31 Program

5-31-13 program part 1

5-31-13 program part 2

Starting with Davorike Daijke, from Serbia, Lisa taught a series of old and new dances on May 31. On a our first warm night (and with the air conditioning not quite working as we’d hoped) she reminded us that we don’t melt — even while doing Lech Lamidbar! It was a great start to summer dancing here in Brunswick. George put together a varied program that challenged us all and gave everyone a chance to dance a favorite dance. And thanks to Natasha for reviewing Horehronsky Csardas again. She makes the complex pattern seem reasonable.

May 24 Program

5-24-13 program part 15-24-13 program part 2

Leon (with a generous assist from Cynthia) kept us all dancing on May 24. His program was so packed that we had to go to a second sheet of paper! Leon taught Adjan as Isten from Hungary (with amazing music), Guhnega from Armenia, Le Laridé from France (or maybe Canada), Miteritsa from Greece, and Toi Nergris from Armenia. Stephen will be teaching Katushe Mome Katushe from Macedonia. Many of the other dances on the program got a quick review, folks helped each other through some tricky steps, and we all had a good time.