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7-12-13 Program

List of dances done on July 12
Natasha programmed a night of dancing that introduced some basic steps to new dancers and saved a challenging dance for the more experienced dancers. Sumadinka, from Serbia, and Minka, from Bulgaria, were fun to learn. Debka Dror seemed impossible to pick up, but Natasha filled us with confidence and we succeeded. Leon reviewed the lovely Hungarian trio dance Borozdanfuto. And we thanked PeoplePlus for the airconditioning in the midst of a heat wave.

June 21 Program

On the longest day of the year, we came together to enjoy dances from far and wide. We danced old favorites, we followed dances that were new to us, and enjoyed the beautiful music. Rol came with a well-thought-out program and kept the dances flowing. Leon and Cynthia reviewed Yagi Bushi and Lu-lu Fado. Stephen taught Katushe Mome and reviewed Paloc Csardas. Thanks to all for a memorable night.

  • Ajde Jano
  • Ali Pasha
  • Mayim
  • Bufčansko
  • Yagi Bushi
  • Račenistsa (Kystendilska)
  • Tri Godini Kate
  • Bafra
  • Lu-lu Fado
  • Katushe Mome
  • Ersko Kolo
  • Joc Batrenesc
  • Horehronksy Csardas
  • Ooska Gooska
  • Orijent
  • Guhnega
  • Lesnoto Oro

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