Balkan Bash II: Gogofski Returns!

On June 29, our “Balkan Bash II” dance night will feature live music by the Boston band Gogofski with vocalist Kasia Sokalla. All are welcome. [Photo courtesy of George Simonson.]
We’ll be hosting “Balkan Bash II” dance night with live music by the Boston band Gogofski on Friday, June 29, from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. at the People Plus community center, 35 Union Street, one block west of Maine Street, in downtown Brunswick. All are welcome. Donation $10.

Gogofski is a four-person Balkan-style band with vocalist Kasia Sokalla of Poland, Dave Golber on clarinet, Gawain Thomas on accordion, and Henry Goldberg on the Balkan tupan drum. The band has played throughout the Northeast and been acclaimed as “awesome” for providing “a wonderful evening.”

“We’re very excited to dance again to the music of Gogofski,” says Folk Dance Brunswick president Mary Brennan of Harpswell. “The last time they were here they blew the roof off. It’ll be another great night of dancing!”

Clarinetist Dave Golber adds, “We play intensely emotional, grab-you-by-the-heart music, drawing on older and newer traditional music from all over the Western edge of the Ottoman Empire to create a repertoire of powerful songs — songs of unrequited love, songs of seduction and deception, songs of the promise of happiness held against the pain of loss.” You can read more about the band at

In the early part of the evening, selected dances will be taught for newcomers.

No street shoes on the dance floor. Please bring a spare pair!

See you soon.


1 thought on “Balkan Bash II: Gogofski Returns!

  1. I have seen this band perform on numerous occasions in Massachusetts. They are outstanding!

    P.S. I have been checking out your request lists. We do many of those dances and there are a few that I’ve never heard of. If you’re looking for ideas, please check out my blog. I haven’t been posting much recently because of carpal tunnel. I started it in 2010 when I noticed there wasn’t much in the blogosphere about Balkan Dance.

    I had no idea there was IFD in Maine until a Facebook friend mentioned it.
    Happy Dancing!

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